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Delta Sig at a Glance - May 2016

As the Spring 2016 semester comes to a close, the chapter turns its attention toward surviving finals and finishing up the semester smoothly. Attention is already turning toward Fall of 2016 and the potential additions to the fraternity it holds.


Additionally, the chapter has also prepared to say goodbye to its seniors. This semester marks the end of Beta class, becoming the first class of the renewed Delta Mu chapter to fully become an alumni class. As the past generations of leadership move on to their next challenges in life, our younger generation is ready to fill the void and step up to face the next academic year!

Welcoming our new Sweethearts!

In addition to having our seniors graduating, the chapter also nominates and elects a new pair of sweethearts to become our so called "Queens of the Nile." Brielle Cruz-Vega of Pi Beta Phi and Stephanie Wong of Alpha Chi Omega were chosen to be our sweethearts of the 2016-2017 year! We feel that they both perfectly represent the ideals that Delta Sig values most and we can't wait to share the year with them!


Delta Dunk Philanthropy Event

Philanthropy compilation

This semester marked the introduction to our new, annual philanthropy event: Delta Dunk! Using a house-blend of soccer and football, Delta Dunk is a highly-competitive and surprisingly addicting game played in a tournament-style event. All proceeds go to Delta Sigma Phi's philanthropic partner: Red Cross. A big thank you to Michael Dewey and Jordan Justus for establishing such a fun game and we can't wait to continue the tradition next year!

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